MASiF 2011- Kerjasama bersama ZAZA dan HAJABA

The Music, Arts and Style International Festival (MASiF ) is a unique event specially crafted for a historical day i.e. Malaysia Day, to commemorate the richness of music, arts and style (fashion) diversities in Malaysia. The uniqueness of MASiF is its concept that transcends and synchronises three genres of art (fine arts, performing arts and fashion), fused together into a masterpiece on one stage over a period of 3 days. Highlighting Malaysia’s very own talented and successful creative community, MASiF also provides a platform for new and emerging talent to showcase to Malaysians (and the world) their gift, allowing them to shine amongst the best and brightest our country has to offer.
Gee tidak ketinggalan bekerjasama dengan ZAZA dan HAJABA untuk mewarnai festival kali ini. Thanks to Kak Mona Din kerana sudi menerima Gee di sana.
With Puan Mona Din the owner HAJABA.


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